Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Interesting Facts About Suzuki Mehran 2014 Model

Suzuki Mehran which is internationally known as the Suzuki Alto, is one of the oldest cars driven by the economy loving people on the roads of Pakistan, and it might be one of the oldest in Asia. Its design has not gone through many changes and being stagnant with most of the features it can also be called that it is not one of the beautiful cars in Pakistan but this car is also one of the most selling cars of all times. The main reasons  behind the success is its resale value and cheap maintenance.

The points to know and ponder upon:

- The Suzuki Mehran we see on the roads today is actually the 2nd generation of the car which was introduced in 1988 and is still being produced in Pakistan with no significant changes.

- FX, Mehran and Alto are the other names of the same platform of the car which were introduced time to time.

-The monopoly of Suzuki subsidiary in Pakistan, with the name Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited,  at one phase of time used to sell Mehran and Alto side by side while 

charging varied prices for the same platform of different generations. Suzuki does the same practice with Cultus and Swift. Both cars are actually Suzuki Swift.

- Mehran used to cost less than hundred thousand rupees in the 80′s while today the same car costs near to seven hundred thousand rupees with no significant change in the platform.

- After introducing the Euro II engine in Mehran the sales of the car have considerably dropped meaning that most loyal users of Mehran prefer the 26-year-old carburetor engine more than the 16-year-old Euro II engine.

- Cheap and easy maintenance is another hall mark of Suzuki Mehran. One can  get it restored 100% after an accident (God forbid) including the paint in less than 35,000 rupees,making it the cheapest car regarding maintenance.
No reason to surprise that this car is still on the roads and not in the museum. The next time you are searching for a car which is cheap to maintain having the resale value and which you can sell at profit after using it for a couple of years, then Mehran is the ultimate choice.

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