Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pakistan Vs Japanese Assembled Cars, which one to Choose?

Current Scenario:

Pakistan has a huge and trending automobile market. But unfortunately the trend of Japanese brand cars has always been dominating Pakistani market. Since a long time Pakistan has not been able to produce a single original Pakistani car brand. The import of foreign origin brands in Pakistan had very much negative impact on Pakistani automobile industry.

Nothing has so far been done on the real grounds to combat this trend. And on the opposite India, till 90s made their local automobile companies motivated enough to establish themselves to a great extent before they allowed foreigner companies to come in.

What is the reason why Pakistan is facing huge obstacles to establish its own automobile brands? Either this is government who has other priorities to work on or the investor class has the interest in doing so or the red tape or legal hurdles do their work. Pakistani buyers have been left with no choice except to buy the Japanese brand cars and these are only two or three choices while deciding a car to buy.

If we observe closely Pakistani roads, we come to know that they are being run on by only a few brands or models of Honda, Suzuki and Toyota. In addition to that the prices of cars in Pakistan have increased to an alarming level making it almost impossible for a salaried person to buy a car. Internal situation of the country is also abig hurdle and plays its part in making things worse. Heavy taxes is another nuisance imposed by the government,which have played their role in increasing the prices of cars in Pakistan.

Effect of Imported Cars:

In this condition the second hand, used or reconditioned imported cars have come as a sigh of relief for some of the middle class buyers. They are comparatively cheaper than the new Pakistani assembled cars and more durable according to a segment of experts. A used Japanese car according to many people is more durable and functionally better than new Pakistani assembled car. But the problem here is also the same. Buyers find  a very low degree of choice to them to buy.


Government should take immediate actions and remove the hurdles in the way of  importing used cars in Pakistan therefore the  monopolistic situation which has arisen due to bad policy making could be avoided. Every person should be able to buy an automobile for him or for his family at a reasonable price.

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