Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Northern Areas: Where to find Pakistan tourism guide?

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous countries in this world. Mountains covered with clouds, forests, snow clad peaks in the valleys of Gilgit, Hunza and Sakurdo. Pakistani northern areas like Sawat, valleys of Naaraan and Kaaghan, Valleys of Neelam, adornments of  Murree, Gilgit, Azad Kashmir seem like heaven on earth.
People visit these northern areas every year, mostly in summer vacations for amusement. From the tourism point of view, Pakistan is no doubt a very blessed country because it has many things to visit and ponder over. This country is a magnet for the visitors as it attracts the vacationers towards its stunning scenes but this is the tight spot that day-trippers could not find the apt tourism guide of Pakistan.
The foreign tourists who usually come to the northern areas of Pakistan to spend their vacations do not find proper tour guide about the northern areas. Government of Pakistan owns a website for solving the problems of tourism guides but it has inadequate information which is not sufficient for tourists.
To sort out this trouble, the foreign tourists can find other sources of tourism guide on the internet as many private websites have detailed tourism guide about Pakistan. There are many videos uploaded on the internet about Pakistan which could help out the tourists. Many documentaries on various locations of Pakistan are also available on the internet which could guide people about the areas and locations of Pakistan.
In the due course, some websites and directories are providing their services to the tourists as they have tourism guide of Pakistan and all other information about visiting places. They have also given their tourism packages in tariff like Summer tour package, Winter tour package, Day trips and City tours. They also have transport facility for the tourists and day-trippers. This sort of information can help the visitors and it will increase the tourism in Pakistan.

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  1. Pakistani northern areas like Sawat, valleys of Naaraan and Kaaghan, Valleys of Neelam, adornments of Murree, Gilgit, Azad Kashmir seem like heaven on earth.So i suggest you to get flights to islamabad and visit here.